Master of Arts in Human Services

Southeastern’s Master of Arts in Human Services degree provides students with a theoretical and experience-based understanding of the human services profession. It is grounded in a core of specialized courses with additional course work in one of four specializations: administration, gerontology, children and family, and emergency management. Students who graduate from this program are prepared for leadership positions in a variety of settings, including social services, education, behavioral health management, counseling organizations, nonprofits, and health care.

Program Outcomes

Students who complete the MA in Human Services program will:

  • Integrate the principles of the human services profession’s biblically informed values.
  • Demonstrate collaborative and effective problem-solving skills using multiple theoretical approaches.
  • Develop administration skills that require the application of theory in a variety of situations and settings pertaining to human service agencies.
  • Research contemporary issues in human services to provide practical solutions, and communicate results through clear, concise, and appropriate media.

Total Credits: 36 hours
Program Length: Classes offered in 8-week sessions; may be completed in as few as 12 months
Program Delivery: Online classes
Tuition: $495 per credit hour

Admissions Requirements

  • Submit an application to
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university (official transcripts required)
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 (a GPA of less than 3.0 may be considered for provisional standing)
  • Submit an official GRE or MAT score
  • A writing sample
  • Three references (academic, professional, personal)
  • Submit to a background check

Students must take the following courses before entering this program:
Introduction to Human Services
Program Planning and Evaluation


Core Requirements

All courses are 3 credits unless noted.
HUSV 5033 Program Planning and Evaluation
HUSV 5043 Historical and Contemporary Issues in Human Services
HUSV 5053 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services
HUSV 5203 Integration of Human Services and Theology
HUSV 5223 Human Services and the Community
HUSV 5233 Multicultural Issues in Human Services
HUSV 5253 Human Services Practicum and Field Experience I
HUSV 5263 Human Services Practicum and Field Experience II


Administrative Specialization

Choose one:
HUSV 5023 Organizational Leadership and Management
HUSV 5063 Group Development and Change in Human Services
HUSV 5003 Human Services Administration
BUSI 5213 Organizational Behavior

Gerontology Specialization

GERO 5013 Sociology of Aging
GERO 5023 Aging, Long Term Care, and the Family
GERO 5033 Aging and Disability
GERO 5043 Social Issues on Care for the Aging

Children and Family Specialization

HUSV 5303 Parent and Child Relationship
HUSV 5313 Child Development Ages 0-18
HUSV 5323 Children, Youth, and Family Services: Policy and Practice
HUSV 5333 At-Risk Children

Emergency Management Specialization

HUSV 5403 Evolution of Emergency Management
HUSV 5413 Emergency Planning
HUSV 5423 Crisis Communication
HUSV 5433 Disaster Response and Emergency Operations