Master of Business Administration, Online

Southeastern’s MBA program is grounded in Christ-centered servant-leadership and ethics. This degree prepared managers to oversee numerous business functions, including accounting, finance, information systems, and marketing. Students develop an understanding of the economic foundation and global relevance of these concepts, as well as learn quantitative analysis tools and strategy models to hone their business decision-making skills. This flexible program allows students to tailor their education to their career goals with three concentration options while taking all course work online or combining online learning with traditional courses.

Program Outcomes

Students who complete the MBA program will:

  • Demonstrate servant-leadership with biblically informed values.
  • Critically think, plan, and research contemporary business issues.
  • Make intelligent and ethical business decisions informed by a Christian worldview.
  • Communicate results clearly and concisely through appropriate and effective media.
  • Demonstrate effective decision-making skills in new and unfamiliar circumstances through an understanding of the various business functions and analysis tools.
  • Apply theory to business problems in dynamic global environments.

Total Credits: 39 hours
Program Length: 12 to 24 months
Program Delivery: Online classes, hybrid classes
Tuition: $525 per credit hour

Admissions Requirements

Students are accepted into the MBA program based on evidence of their aptitude and motivation for graduate business education at Southeastern University, as well as their understanding of basic business functions.  Below are the minimum basic requirements; however, admission acceptance is considered given the applicants entire application package:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Applicants with a lower GPA may be considered if GMAT or GRE scores exceed requirements.
  • A GMAT score of 470 or above, or the equivalent GRE score as determined by ETS’s GRE Comparison Tool taken within five years prior to student’s admission to the program. An expectation is that applicants will also score at or above the 25th percentile in each of the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections of the exam. Provisional requirements may apply for lower scores.
  • A sample writing assignment addressing the prompt: Why I want to pursue an MBA at Southeastern University. The essay should address how the MBA will help the student in his or her career and how he or she can integrate Christian faith into his or her profession as a manager. The paper should include the student’s full name and be 300-600 words in length.
  • Two recommendations: An academic or a professional, and a personal/character, submitted by those providing references.
  • Fulfillment of foundational knowledge requirements (see the Foundational Courses and Competencies, below). A determination of any prerequisite requirements will be made at the time of the admissions decision.

Foundational Courses and Competencies for the Online MBA

(9 credit hours – waived with appropriate undergraduate preparation)
In order to ensure student success, three foundational courses are required for students without an undergraduate degree in a business-related field. Students are also expected to be competent in Microsoft Excel prior to beginning MBA course work (Microsoft Excel Basic Certification or equivalent is the recommended minimum).

When these courses are required, admission to the online MBA program may be made on a provisional basis until the courses are completed with a B- grade or higher and prior to enrolling in BUSI 5003, the first MBA level course in the program.

  • BUSI 2203 – Microeconomics
  • BUSI 1013 – Introduction to Accounting and Finance, or BUSI 2233 – Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • MATH 2023 – Introduction to Probability and Statistics

The follow course is recommended for gaining competencies in using Microsoft Excel

  • CTIS 2133 Data Management and Analysis


Note: BUSI 5003 is a pre-requisite for all other courses in each track and must be completed with a B- or greater before continuing beyond the first eight weeks. Students may be approved by the MBA Director to take other courses concurrently with BUSI 5003 in their first eight week session.

Program Course Work

All courses are 3 credits unless noted.
BUSI 5052 MBA Foundations
BUSI 5113 Marketing Management
BUSI 5213 Organizational Behavior
BUSI 5223 Ethics Stewardship and Legal Environment of Business
BUSI 5323 Information Technology Leadership
BUSI 5333 Global Business Management
BUSI 5413 Problem Solving and Decision Making
BUSI 5503 Accounting and Finance


Executive Leadership Track (15 credits)

MNGT 5573 Human Resource Management
LDRS 5213 Leadership Philosophy
BUSI 5436 Business Strategy and Policy (6 credits)

Select one of the following:
LDRS 5123 Servant Leadership
LDRS 5333 Leading Across Cultures
BUSI 5233 Current Issues in Business
BUSI 5533 Global Social Entrepreneurship

Missional Leadership Track (15 credits)

LDRS 5123 Servant Leadership
PMIN 5343 Strategic Missional Leadership

Select three of the following:
BUSI 5533 Global Social Entrepreneurship
LDRS 5213 Leadership Philosophy
LDRS 5333 Leading Across Cultures
PMIN 5213 Methods of Biblical Preaching/Teaching
PMIN 5233 Managing Change and Conflict
PMIN 5333 Effective Leadership
PMIN 5373 Interpersonal Techniques/Helping Relations
PMIN 5353 Spirit-Empowered Discipleship
PMIN 5633 Leadership Development

Criminal Justice Track (15 credits)

CRIM 5103 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis
CRIM 5203 Theory and Practice of the Criminal Justice System
CRIM 5333 Criminal Justice Administration and Management
CRIM 5003 Current Topics in Criminal Justice
CRIM 5303 Capstone Research Project in Criminal Justice