organizational leadership degree salary

An organizational leadership degree gives graduates the chance to earn a leadership position in businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, educational and law enforcement institutions, and virtually any other entity.

Once you obtain your degree, your organizational leadership job salary can vary based on your industry, job title and experience. Take a look at typical positions associated with this degree and their accompanying salaries — based on reported nationwide figures from PayScale, as of August 2014.

Business Management

Consultants, managers and executives are organizational leadership jobs commonly found in the business world. Here are a few specific examples:

$$$Business manager: Managers meet the needs of a business efficiently, overseeing employees, meeting strategic goals and planning operations. Other responsibilities can vary depending on the business, the level of the manager and other factors. The median salary is $55,880.

$$$Project manager: Project managers oversee a team to meet specific goals. They will typically analyze employee strengths, cost considerations and timing of a project to ensure the deadline is met. The median salary is $59,778.

$$$$$Organizational development consultant: These consultants work with companies to fix problems in order to improve efficiency and morale. Strategic advice and personnel training are often involved as well. The median salary is $80,465.

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Human Resources

Graduates can also use their skills to serve the employees of a company. The following organizational leadership jobs are common career outcomes for this degree:

$$$Corporate recruiter: Recruiters find talent to fill job openings at a company. They also write job descriptions, screen applicants, perform interviews, network and use technology to locate and hire talented employees. The median salary is $53,496.

$$$$$Training and development manager: These managers often take a leading role in directing programs that enhance employee skills and knowledge. From overseeing these training programs to managing a staff of training and development specialists, managers in this position seek to improve an organization’s overall quality of work. The median salary is $71,167.

Positions in Other Industries

There are many organizational leadership jobs outside of business. Here are a few career options that you could pursue with this degree:

$Church administrator: Church administrators perform a similar role to nonprofit program administrators. They often work alongside directors, pastors and ministers in specific areas of the church to coordinate activities, budgets and goals. The median salary is $34,868.

$$Nonprofit program administrator: These administrators will typically plan programs and implement strategic initiatives to meet the goals of a nonprofit organization. They can also be responsible for budgets, program evaluations and funding proposals. The median salary is $45,500.

$$$$Front-line law enforcement manager: These supervisors oversee investigators to ensure that proper procedures are followed. They can also train staff, monitor and evaluate job performance, review logs and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies. The median salary is $67,264.

$$$$Education administrator: Leaders in this position direct activities at public or private elementary, middle and high schools. The median salary is $69,883.

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