What is an Account Manager?

Account managers develop and maintain the day-to-day relationships between their companies and external organizations. Using extensive knowledge of their company’s products or services, they act as both liaisons and sales agents. They must understand how to provide exceptional customer service while developing new business opportunities.

Job Responsibilities of Account Managers

Responsibilities of an account manager may include:

  • Working with customer stakeholders and executive sponsors
  • Collaborating and managing sales teams
  • Analyzing data and creating budgets
  • Coaching or mentoring new hires
  • Anticipating customer needs and meeting them accordingly

Although account managers generally work in office settings, they may be required to travel for client meetings or other related events.

Those who work as account managers must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. They must be proficient in negotiation and active listening as well. Successful account managers must be able to understand a client’s needs and wants, and create ways to meet those demands while respecting the parameters of their organization’s sales requirements.

Account Manager Salary

An account manager’s salary can depend on the size of the employer. According to PayScale, the median annual wage for the profession is $51,846. For those who work in the field more than 10 years, the average raises to $62,000. Salary may also increase based on performance and commissions.

Want to Become an Account Manager?

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Education Requirements

Account managers generally require candidates to hold at least a bachelor’s degree to be considered. However, relevant experience and some sales management and related skills also prove important for success. The Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most commonly held degrees among account managers. These students may take courses in business management, business communication, marketing principles and more.

Becoming an Account Manager

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