What Is a Brand Manager?

Brand managers are specialized marketing professionals designated with controlling and overseeing a brand’s public exposure. They typically work with only one or two branded trademarks owned by a company and ensure that these trademarks remain positive in public association. Most brand managers work for businesses and corporations.

Responsibilities of Brand Managers

Brand managers may be responsible for:

  • Working with marketing departments to determine consumer attitudes towards a brand
  • Assessing potential markets
  • Developing and implementing branding strategies
  • Assisting other brand managers and helping related staff with professional development
  • Setting objectives and goals within their area of jurisdiction

In addition, they may oversee other staff members, such as a junior marketing team.

Brand management often requires a longer work schedule than other management careers. It therefore is often considered a rewarding, but stressful, profession. Because of their degree of responsibility, brand managers must possess excellent analytical, writing, and creative skills. Since their work is heavily based on relationship building, they must also prove strong in their interpersonal effectiveness.

Want to Become a Brand Manager?

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Brand Manager Salary

According to PayScale, brand managers earn an average annual salary of $70,000. This number can increase with relevant experience and skill development.Those in the field less than five years can expect to make an average of $57,000 per year. For those with tenured experience, salary trends tend to cap at $88,000, correlating to 10-20 years in the field.

Education Requirements

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum education required to become a brand manager. Educational backgrounds that include marketing, public relations, business, or journalism can help improve an individual’s chances in the job market. Some organizations, however, require brand managers to have a Master of Business Administration. This degree prepares students with an in-depth understanding of the relevant economic and business concepts that can help them succeed as frontrunners in their field.

Becoming a Brand Manager

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