What Is a Customer Service Manager?

A customer service manager’s main responsibility is to oversee the customer service department in a major company or corporation. They are responsible for ensuring that a company provides a quality experience for every client who interacts with their organization. These individuals handle complex and difficult customer service problems. They also train, manage and mentor agents, employees and other staff.

Job Responsibilities of Customer Service Managers

On a daily basis, customer service managers are responsible for a number of duties. Some include:

  • Issuing refunds to customers
  • Overseeing exchanges and returns
  • Resolving conflicts between customers and the products or services provided
  • Seeking out customer feedback
  • Suggesting organizational changes to improve customer service and efficiency

Customer service managers must be excellent critical thinkers. Because they regularly handle issues brought up by customer, clients, other departments and administrators, they consistently must seek new ways to improve customer service and efficiency. Communication is also a key part of their job. Through phone, email and other correspondence, they must perform their duties.

Customer Service Manager Salary

Like most jobs, the salary of customers service managers depends greatly on their employer, time at a company and skills. According to PayScale, these individuals earn a median annual salary of $54,104. For those who are mid career, this number rises to $52,554. Late-career customer service managers have a median annual salary of $61,840.

Want to Become a Customer Service Manager?

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Education Requirements

To succeed in this position, both education and experience are crucial. Customer service managers generally start out as customer service representatives. To gain a competitive edge, they may also earn a bachelor’s degree in a field such as organizational leadership. These individuals must possess or develop skills in customer service, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and a significant understanding of the industry in which they work.

Becoming a Customer Service Manager

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