What is a Marketing Executive (CMO)?

Marketing executives strive to attain maximum profits by facilitating of a company’s advertising, public relations and marketing strategies. Along with conducting consumer research to determine the most beneficial marketing methods available, these professionals also communicate directly with clients, stakeholders, suppliers and partner organizations to ensure that their company’s brand is recognizable and effective. Necessary in both private and public sectors, marketing executives ultimately support the overall goals and missions of their companies and are constantly working to improve marketing strategies.

Responsibilities of CMOs

Those who work as a marketing executive may often:

  • Manage marketing teams that design and produce a company’s marketing materials
  • Monitor the marketing strategies and activities of competing companies
  • Organize public events
  • Establish new relationships with partnering businesses
  • Plan future marketing strategies for their company, based on consumer reports and privately conducted research

Professional research skills and highly effective communication skills combine to significantly contribute to a marketing executive’s career success. These individuals must understand the intricacies of their company’s goals to conduct the proper research necessary to plan future marketing strategies. In addition, they must demonstrate quality communication skills to determine and meet the needs of their clients and to also build lasting relationships with stakeholders.

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Marketing Executive Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a marketing executive is $115,750. This field’s top professionals earn annual salaries of nearly $187,000 while the bottom 10 percent typically earn $64,000 per year. Research shows that the number of marketing executive positions will grow up to 10 percent through 2026, making now the perfect time to earn the right education to become one.

Education Requirements

Although many marketing executives begin their careers in the field through entry-level marketing roles, they are typically required to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field, like economics or business administration. Marketing executive positions are often acquired by hard-working individuals with years of professional marketing experience and a master’s degree in marketing or an MBA. The combination of experience and advanced education provides many marketing professionals with the competitive edge needed to land a marketing executive position.

Becoming a Marketing Executive

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