What Is a Nonprofit Manager?

A nonprofit may be a charity or service organization dedicated to a particular purpose. Nonprofit managers ensure that these organizations run smoothly and efficiently concerning its overall goal. These individuals have many of the same responsibilities as managers who work in the private sector. They may supervise finances, personnel, fundraising efforts or volunteers. The responsibilities of a particular manager depend on the needs, size, mission and type of nonprofit involved.

Responsibilities of Nonprofit Managers

Although responsibilities may vary, typical duties of a nonprofit manager include:

  • Working with community members and stakeholders to identify needed programs and services
  • Overseeing program administration
  • Seeking and implementing program improvements
  • Planning and managing outreach initiatives
  • Coording communication with other organizations, agencies and businesses
  • Grant writing
  • Adhering to relevant federal nonprofit guidelines
  • Supervising staff and volunteers

Other responsibilities may vary considerably based on the size and mission of an organization. Some nonprofit managers have specialized duties, only running a single program. Others wear many hats. Nonprofit managers must possess excellent analytical, communication, time management and problem-solving skills. They may work in any number of settings, such as offices, shelters or clinics.

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Nonprofit Manager Salary

Nonprofit manager positions are expected to grow exponentially by 2026. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is expected to increase 18 percent, a rate much faster than average. The median annual wage for nonprofit managers is $64,100. However, those in the highest 10 percent can make upwards of $109,990.

Education Requirements

Managers of nonprofits commonly require bachelor’s degrees, particularly in area like business administration or organizational leadership. Some positions may also require a master’s degree. In addition, those seeking this role require direct work experience. Acquiring lower level management positions is usually a good stepping stone toward higher positions of leadership.

Becoming a Nonprofit Manager

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