What Is an Office Manager?

Office managers are responsible for tending to the daily administrative needs of companies, businesses, nonprofit groups, government agencies and other types of organizations. Their work may include simple tasks such as greeting the public, as well as more complex ones such as managing employees and an organization’s work environment. Depending on the type and size of their office, they may also take on financial and human resources duties.

Responsibilities of Office Managers

Office managers primarily plan, direct and coordinate. Although their responsibilities may vary depending on the size and type of organization, common tasks may include:

  • Supervision of clerical and administrative staff
  • Establishing goals and guidelines for a department
  • Developing, managing, and monitoring records
  • Ensuring supplies and services are available and supplied as needed
  • Suggesting changes to policies and procedures to maximize efficiency
  • Monitoring the facility to ensure safety
  • Oversee maintenance of machinery such as copy machines or phone systems
  • Ensure environmental, health and security compliance

Within the field are a number of specializations. For example, facility managers oversee the operations and maintenance of buildings. Records and information managers organize, develop and monitor an organization’s records. Overall, office managers must be detail-oriented and possess excellent analytical, communication and leadership skills.

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Office Manager Salary

The work of office managers is often lucrative. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage of this profession is $94,020. Those in the highest 10 percent of the pay range may earn more than $163,480. In addition, opportunities for this occupation are expected to grow considerably. The BLS predicts openings will grow 10 percent by 2026, a rate considered faster than average.

Education Requirements

Individuals pursuing employment as an office manager often obtain a strong educational basis in business. Candidates with a Bachelor of Business Administration, for example, are at an advantage because of the strong management training they receive. Course work that may help secure an office manager position may include organizational behavior, business law, accounting, finance and more. To successfully enter this position, relevant work experience is also usually required.

Becoming an Office Manager

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