An operations manager oversees the production of goods and services for an organization. Operating in both the public and private sectors, these professionals are responsible for overseeing purchases, warehousing, manufacturing and other aspects of daily operations for a business. They are also responsible for helping companies improve systems and processes and increasing efficiency where possible.

Job Responsibilities

According to PayScale, duties of an operations manager often include:

  • Monitoring and managing operational costs
  • Making personnel decisions, including hiring, compensation, discipline and related responsibilities
  • Ensuring that products meet or exceed client expectations
  • Overseeing budgets
  • Ensuring employee safety standards and compliance
  • Meeting with stakeholders such as labor union representatives or government officials.
  • Continuously following changes in rules and regulations, as well as marketplace trends.

Those in this position require a host of professional and personal skills. They must possess leadership capabilities and prove excellent at working with others. Good communication abilities are a must. Operations managers also require a solid understanding of mathematics and financial management. Commensurate work experience is also required.

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Operations Manager Salary Details

Operations managers are paid quite well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for this profession is $100,580, with those in the top 10 percent earning more than $168,780. Those who work in chemical manufacturing are paid the highest, followed by those in transportation equipment manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and food manufacturing. The number of operations managers employed is expected to remain steady through 2026.

Education Requirements

Most employers require operations manager candidates to have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Business administration is often a suggested focus. Students seeking to excel should take courses in finance and accounting, leadership, organizational behavior and related subjects. Larger organizations may require additional credentials, such as a Master of Business Administration.

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