What Is a Sales Manager?

Sales managers oversee the day-to-day distribution of a company’s goods and services to consumers. Overall, they are responsible for implementing their company’s sales programs and activities, setting sales goals and overseeing other sales representatives. They may work in both retail and non-retail settings and may be found in any number of industries.

Responsibilities of Sales Managers

Sales managers are responsible for a host of duties that contribute to day-to-day sales of company products. These may include:

  • Preparing budgets and approving expenses
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Analyzing sales statistics
  • Projecting sales and determining profitability of goods and services
  • Developing plans to acquire new customers
  • Training and overseeing sales agents

Want to become a Sales Manager?

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Sales managers require both analytical and mathematical skills. Strong communication skills will help sales managers build and maintain close relationships with dealers, distributors and customers, ensuring that a solid base of repeat customers is built. These communication skills will also help sales managers liaise with internal stakeholders, such as marketing and public relations professionals, to ensure that the product being put to market meets customer needs. Depending on the size of their company, sales managers may be required to collaborate with leadership from other departments within the organization. Most sales managers work full time and may be required to travel to national, regional or local offices.

Sales Manager Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for sales managers is $121,060, with the top 10 percent earning more than $208,000. Opportunity growth for the position remains steady, with numbers projected to grow 7 percent by 2026. The majority of these professionals work for wholesale trade employers. However, they can also be found in retail, manufacturing and professional, scientific and technical services.

Education Requirements

Most employers prefer applicants who possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Those who hold degrees in business administration or marketing are most attractive. Candidates can gain an edge in the job market by taking classes in business law, economics, management, accounting, finance and statistics. Applicants who are computer and tech-savvy will also increase their chances of success.

Becoming a Sales Manager

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