Social and human service assistants research benefits and community resources for clients. They may help families, children, the elderly or former prison inmates. They may collaborate with other professionals, including social workers and psychologists, to determine the most effective treatment plans for their clients.

Job Responsibilities of a Social and Human Service Assistant

A social and human service assistant works with clients to determine the types of aid they require and develop treatment plans. They work with other professionals, such as social workers and psychologists, to identify the best options for their clients. They must exhibit excellent communication skills in order to understand what their clients need, along with clerical and case management expertise.

Additionally, social and human service assistants connect clients with assistance for daily activities, such as bathing or eating. They research various community services and benefits for their client, such as food stamps or Medicaid. Social and human service assistants will help their clients complete the paperwork for aid sources. Their clients may be children and families, the elderly, individuals with disabilities or mental illnesses, veterans, immigrants or the homeless.

Generally, social and human service assistants work in clinics, offices, hospitals, group homes and shelters. Sometimes, they may travel to visit their clients. Most in this career work full-time, and working nights and weekends may be required.

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Social and Human Service Assistant Salary Details

Social and human service assistants earned a median salary of $33,120 per year, as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment for social and human service assistants is expected to increase by 16 percent through 2026. The rising demand for workers in this field is related to the increasing elderly population.

Education Requirements for a Social and Human Service Assistant

While some organizations will hire people with only a high school diploma, many prefer employees who have earned a college degree. A bachelor’s or master’s degree provides candidates with an advantage in the field. The amount of responsibilities one has correlates with the degree level they have completed; for example, candidates with a high school diploma may only assist clients with paperwork, while those with a college degree may organize program activities or supervise a group home.

The master’s in human services online from Southeastern University provides students with the theoretical and practical knowledge of the human services profession. Students learn how to manage patients experiencing a crisis, observe patients and implement treatment plans. The non-clinical program further prepares students to serve others in a variety of human services environments. Faculty members with real-world experience in the field teach the fully online program.