At Southeastern University Online, we’re dedicated to making learning simple and convenient for you, and it all starts with the right resources and tools.

We have collected some of our favorite ones and listed them below to help you prepare for your classes.

Online Student Resources at Southeastern University

You’ll probably use the following links many times. Bookmark them, and see how convenient online education can be for you and your schedule!

  • MyFire: Access your classes from this link. Technical support is available around the clock for any issues that may arise, so you never have to worry about being delayed.
  • Catalog: Find information ranging from course descriptions and financial aid to program-specific handbooks in the catalog. Use the links and search feature on the right side of the page to browse the catalog and its subsections.
  • Registrar: Receive academic advising, transcripts, degree and enrollment verification and information for students with disabilities from the Office of the Registrar.
  • Bookstore: Purchase and rent your books online, as well as shop for school apparel, gifts, technology and other items from the university bookstore.
  • Library: Locate print and electronic texts to help you complete your course work. Resources are available from SEU’s Steelman Library and libraries worldwide.
  • Career Services: Explore your career and educational opportunities. Obtain career counseling, employment assistance and graduate and professional school admission advisement from this office.

Helpful Tools

Whether you have a tablet, smartphone or access to a computer, these apps can help you with your studies:

  • Dropbox (free with limited space): Store all types of files on your account in the cloud so you can easily access your documents without needing physical storage. Read and edit documents on the go!
  • Evernote (free with limited space): Keep all your notes and files organized in this cloud-based tool. Features include the ability to search your notes, clip pages from the Internet and more — making it ideal for research and course work of all kinds.
  • StudyBlue (free): Make and share your own flashcards, create tests, track your progress and store everything easily. It’s an ideal tool if you use flashcards regularly.
  • myHomework (free): This student planner provides you with class calendars and updates for your assignments and tests, as well as other features to help keep you organized.
  • Toodledo (free): Customize your to-do list with this popular task management tool. Use folders, tags and more to keep your tasks organized, which is helpful for course work and personal items you need to track.
  • Merriam-Webster (free): This reputable dictionary is ideal for quick searches on the go.

Online learning is a convenient and flexible way to earn your degree, especially with the many tools available streamline the process to better accommodate your busy schedule. Take advantage of these resources and apps to make the most efficient use of your time.

Review educational options that can meet your needs by visiting our online degrees page.

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