Bachelor of Science in Human Services

Southeastern University’s BS in Human Services program is for students who feel called to the interdisciplinary, vital, and rapidly growing human services industry. This degree prepares students to become helpers in multiple settings and environments. Students will learn the knowledge and skills necessary to link people in need with sources of aid and assistance. Graduates of this program will be qualified to work in environments such as clinics, nursing homes, social services agencies, substance abuse programs, homeless shelters, and community organizations.

Program Outcomes

Students who complete the human services program will:

  • Be prepared to enter a variety of service settings
  • Be prepared to make a difference in the lives of those they serve
  • Hold a degree that is applicable to a wide variety of jobs and graduate programs

Total Credits: 124 hours

  • General education core: 54 hours
  • Required major core: 39 hours
  • General electives: 31 hours

Program Length: Classes offered in 4-week increments
Program Delivery: Online cohort
Tuition: $390 per credit hour

Admission Requirements

  • Official high school transcripts
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Biographical essay
  • Personal reference form
  • ACT or SAT I scores (if applicable)

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General Education Core (54 hours)

Art of Communication (9 hours)
COMM 1433 Fundamentals of Speech
ENGL 1133 English Composition I
ENGL 1233 English Composition II

Behavioral Science (3 hours)

Select one:
PSYC 1133 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 1233 Psychology of Adjustment

Historical Perspective Elective (3 hours)

Select one:
HIST 1013 Western Civilization I
HIST 1023 Western Civilization II
HIST 2013 American History I
HIST 2023 American History II

Social Science Elective (3 hours)

Select one:
SSCI 2133 Introduction to Sociology
SSCI 2233 Marriage & Family
SSCI 3103 Macroeconomics
SSCI 3203 Microeconomics

Business (2 hours)

BUSI 1902 Personal Financial Stewardship

Humanities and Fine Arts (3 hours)

Select one:
COMM 1503 Western Art Appreciation
COMM 2033 Theatre Appreciation
COMM 2433 Film Appreciation
ENGL 2233 Introduction to Humanities
MUSIC 1003 Music Appreciation
MUSIC 1103 American Music Appreciation

Literature Elective (3 hours)

Select one:
ENGL 2133 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 3133 English Literature Beginnings–1800
ENGL 2513 British Literature I
ENGL 2523 British Literature II
ENGL 3633 American Literature
ENGL 3933 African American Literature
ENGL 4343 Native American Literature & Culture
ENGL 4533 Contemporary Literature

Mathematics (6 hours)

Select two:
MATH 1213 College Algebra
MATH 1313 Liberal Arts Math I
MATH 1323 Liberal Arts Math II
MATH 1413 Precalculus
MATH 2023 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MATH 2144 Calculus I
MATH 2244 Calculus II

Natural Sciences (4 hours with lab)

Select one, plus the corresponding lab:
BIOL 1333 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology
NSCI 1033 Life Science
NSCI 1113 Introduction to Physics
NSCI 1133 Physical Science I
NSCI 1213 Introduction to Chemistry
NSCI 1433 Botany
NSCI 2033 Astronomy and Earth Science
NSCI 2233 Astronomy
NSCI 2433 Zoology
NSCI 3333 Ecology
NSCI 4033 Geology

Religion Core (12 hours)

THEO 1503 Christ, Culture, and the University
BIBL 1703 Introduction to the Bible
BIBL 2213 Life of Christ
THEO 1313 Survey of Christian Theology

Theology Elective (3 hours)

Select one:
PHIL 2003 Principles of Ethics
PHIL 3233 Introduction to Philosophy
MISS 3733 World Religions

Religion Elective (3 hours)

Select any 3 hours of Religion

Major Core (39 hours)

Program Courses

HUSV 2013 Introduction to Human Services
HUSV 2043 Case Management and Intervention
HUSV 2053 Human Services Delivery
HUSV 2433 Human Services/Development Across Life-Span
HUSV 3033 Group Dynamics
HUSV 3333 Human Diversity
HUSV 3063 Program Planning and Evaluation
HUSV 3073 Human Services Practicum and Field Experience I
HUSV 3833 Management in Human Services
HUSV 3083 Human Services Practicum and Field Experience II
HUSV 3533 Conflict Resolution in Human Services
HUSV 3433 Human Services and Faith Integration
HUSV 4053 Research Methods

General Electives (31 hours)




Students who complete the organizational leadership program will be prepared for careers such as:

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