Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree offered by Southeastern University is tailored to students who are enterprising, goal-oriented and tech-savvy. This program, which is delivered in a completely online format, aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to keep a business or organization running smoothly and successfully. The core of the business administration curriculum includes foundational business concepts, communication best practices, and business management skills.

Program Outcomes

The ability to communicate professionally and having honed management skills and an understanding of fundamental concepts of business are paramount to succeeding in today’s dynamic business world. Because the marketplace changes quickly and often, competition for positions can be fierce. Although an associate degree may be helpful in acquiring an entry-level position, individuals who have earned at least a Bachelor of Business Administration are more likely to land a higher-paying position. The program offered by Southeastern University focuses on equipping graduates with a variety of skills that relate to important topics. Global business management, business law, and management information systems are all covered by the curriculum. The core and pre-core business courses focus on the subjects that influence and drive the business world today.


Students who complete the business administration program will

  • Demonstrate foundational core business concepts.
  • Understand the importance of ethical behavior and social responsibility.
  • Communicate professionally in oral, written, interpersonal and collaborative methods.
  • Demonstrate management skills in a workplace environment.

Total Credits: 120

  • General education core: 47 credit hours
  • Required major core: 46 credit hours
  • General electives: 27 credit hours

Program Length: as little as 24 months (program length will vary depending on transfer credits)
Program Delivery: Online
Tuition: $390 per credit hour

Admission Requirements

  • Official high school transcripts
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Biographical essay
  • Personal reference form
  • ACT or SAT I scores (if applicable)

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In the online Bachelor of Business Administration program at Southeastern University, students are required to complete 47 credit hours of general education courses, 46 credit hours of required major courses and 27 credit hours of general electives. Required business courses include Business Analytics, Foundations of Managerial Accounting, Design Thinking for Business, and Workplace Ethics and Social Responsibility.


All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

General Education Core (47 hours)

Arts of Communication (9 hours)
Behavioral and Social Sciences (10 hours)
Business (3 hours)
Humanities and Fine Arts (6 hours)
Mathematics (6 hours)
National Sciences w/ Lab (4 hours)
Religion Core (9 hours)

Pre-Business Core (21 hours)


Business Core (25 hours)


General Electives (27 hours)

Any college-level courses 

*If students elect to take the Leadership track, 12 hours of approved LDRS courses are required based on career goals and then 16 General Elective Hours.


A number of career opportunities are available for those with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Graduates of this program may choose to use this degree to pursue further education, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), or to seek better opportunities in their current career. Graduates can pursue jobs in health care management, finance management, human resource management and marketing management. Positions available to graduates of business administration programs include chief financial officer, sustainability management or operations managers.


The median annual salary is $105,000 for a position in sales management and $110,000 for a position in finance management. Marketing managers earn about $116,000 a year. The median annual salary in healthcare administration is $89,000 and in hospitality management is $47,000.


Students who complete the business administration program will be prepared for careers such as

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs that require a degree in business administration are expected to grow at an average or faster-than-average pace. A degree in business administration can aid in the pursuit of better career options. Southeastern University offers a flexible and accelerated format to best fit a student’s lifestyle and responsibilities. The business administration program was designed specifically for professionals seeking to advance their careers.

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