Career Overview: Marketing Manager

What They Do

A marketing manager’s job is to create a connection between a product or service and its intended customers or audience. The main task for a marketing manager is to develop programs and strategies that generate interest in a business or organization. Generally, a marketing manager works closely with art directors, sales agents and members of the financial staff. Creating marketing strategies involves data analysis concerning demand for a product and the intended audience of potential customers. From TV commercials to online advertising and magazine spreads, marketing managers are responsible for testing and analyzing consumer behavior to find the best ways to sell products.


Other responsibilities may include brand planning and strategy to ensure maximum recognition of a product or organization. A product’s brand must be consistent on all advertising platforms and media, which includes social media, TV advertising, print advertising and radio. A marketing manager must have leadership abilities, which include developing and leading a marketing team that can create new concepts as well as improve current concepts and business models. A marketing team executes other strategic plans that enrich the external perceptions of a company or product.

Skills Needed

Marketing managers must consider the financial needs and budgetary concerns of an organization’s marketing and advertising. They develop pricing strategies and create marketing plans that maximize engagement, sales and profits while keeping the intended audience and customer base satisfied. Communication is a key component of marketing management. This includes both written and verbal communication in the form of emails, phone calls, face-to-face conversations and memos. The ability to convince both a company and the general public of the worth and quality of a product or service is an important skill for a marketing manager to have. Critical thinking skills, as well as creativity, are necessary to their success.

Education Required

Marketing managers employ a variety of skills and knowledge concerning economics, psychology, and data research and analysis. Characteristics of a marketing manager include social perceptiveness, critical thinking and active listening. Generally, a candidate for a marketing manager position must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Experience in the field of marketing and business is also recommended for individuals pursuing this career. Internships are utilized often to gain experience before pursuing a specific position.

Salary Potential

Many marketing managers work for advertising agencies and firms. The average annual salary for marketing managers and similar positions like advertising and promotions managers is around $127,000. The number of marketing management positions is expected to grow at an average pace over the next few years.