Career Overview: Brand Manager

What They Do

Brand managers generally work for marketing and public relations firms. They may also work in-house in the marketing and public relations departments of companies or organizations as well as as outside contractors. A brand is the public image of a company; brand managers provide guidance and expertise concerning this image. A brand is built through marketing materials and public engagement. It is the responsibility of a brand manager to review and, in some cases, create advertising copy. They may also develop design, marketing and communication strategies for both traditional media and social media platforms.


A brand manager works with the marketing and communications teams to devise strategies for optimal sales and customer engagement. They consult customer service records and research analysis in order to be able to make informed suggestions concerning the future of a brand. The ultimate goal of a brand manager is to use the public image of an organization to increase sales and keep up with trends and changes in the global market. A brand manager uses the tools of advertising, sales, marketing, public relations and communications to collaborate with managers and administrators about how their intended customer base and audience relates to their public image.

Career Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job outlook for areas such as brand management will grow at an average pace over the next several years when compared to all other occupations. Because social media and Internet advertising have become such important parts of a company’s advertising and branding strategy, individuals hoping to pursue careers as brand managers should be able to work within the framework of digital marketing as well as in traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Working for a specific company or public relations firm present varied possibilities of job growth and career advancement for brand managers. Through the establishment and maintenance of client relationships and networking, a brand manager’s position can become indispensable for a company.

Salary Potential

According to, the median annual salary for a brand manager is around $90,000. The annual salary for brand managers is affected by the location and size of the companies or firms for which they work, as well as their own job experience and level of education. Those at the top of the pay scale make more than $114,000 a year, while those in the most entry-level positions make around $68,000 yearly.

Education Required

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum education required to become a brand manager. An educational background that includes marketing, public relations, business or journalism will aid in a prospective brand manager’s job search. Some companies and organizations, however, require brand managers to have a Master of Business Administration. An MBA provides graduates with an in-depth understanding of economics and business relations, enabling a brand manager to create a brand strategy that satisfies and engages their audience. Courses in marketing statistics, strategic management, international marketing and social media marketing are all considered necessary for a career in brand management.