Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Education (Online Training)

Learn how to better meet the needs of individuals with dyslexia through Southeastern University’s Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Education. The fully online certificate not only builds your expertise in the field of dyslexia education, but makes you more marketable in your field. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can complete the 12-hour online certificate program.


Teachers commonly interact with students who have dyslexia. Statistically, about 20 percent of any school population has a learning disability, and the majority of those students have dyslexia. By earning the Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Education, teachers learn how to help these students with tasks such as reading and writing. Professionals who provide therapeutic interventions for struggling readers, especially those with dyslexia, would also benefit from this certificate.


Program Outcomes

Courses in the Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Education will help you impact individuals in the following areas. Upon completion of this program, you will:

  • Learn how to teach reading to students who are struggling and to intervene for students who have not yet begun learning to read.
  • Learn the research-based specifics of reading instruction for students with dyslexia.
  • Gain a deep of knowledge of what dyslexia is, how it is identified, what it looks like in the classroom and the researched foundation of the disability.
  • Develop specific strategies for a multi-sensory approach (Orton-Gillingham methodology) to help these individuals learn to read and write.

Few institutions of higher education offer this type of certificate, and there are even fewer Christian colleges or universities that have a Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Education. This certificate can help you find a teaching position at any level of education. It can also be an asset in your current position and help you become a more effective educator. The Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia Education can help you teach students in public, charter or private schools.


Total Credits: 12 hours
Program Length: 12 months
Program Delivery: Online classes
Tuition: $375 per credit hour

Admission Requirements

  • Completed application
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university (in any field)
  • Official transcripts

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  • ESED 5513 Dyslexia: A Term Spring
  • ESED 5523 Orton-Gillingham Methodology: B Term Spring
  • EDUC 5433 Research-Based Practices of Reading and Writing Instruction: A & B Term Fall and Spring
  • EDUC 5553 Measurement and Assessment in Reading: B Term Spring OR
    ESED 5603 Assessment Driven Instruction: B Term Summer