Doctor of Education

Southeastern University’s Doctor of Education degree provides advanced preparation for career tracks in education and beyond. By harnessing and enhancing key educational, leadership, and decision-making abilities, our program helps you excel as a facilitator in the career of your choice. You will assume key roles within an organization, and lead the way that Christ led. Our faith-based program will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in your career and personal life.

You can choose from the following two concentrations to focus your studies:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Organizational Leadership

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be prepared for careers including:

  • Superintendent
  • Principal
  • College instructor
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Non-profit leader
  • Christian education director
  • Business trainer

Total Credits: 54 hours

  • Doctoral core: 15 hours
  • Research core: 9 hours
  • Concentration: 18 hours
  • Dissertation: 12 hours

Program Length: Three to four years
Program Delivery: One course every 8 weeks. Two face-to-face one-week intensive courses during either summer (June) or spring (January) terms. Dissertation defense may be face-to-face on campus or remotely.
Tuition: $500 per credit hour

Admission Requirements:

  • Regionally accredited graduate degree with at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • For non-native English speakers, a current TOEFL score at the mean level or higher
  • Current professional vita
  • Christian faith statement (two- to three-page essay)
  • Minimum of three full-time years of successful experience in a related field
  • Professional writing sample: minimum of five pages
    (e.g., articles, graduate research papers/assignments, published work, etc.)
  • Two letters of recommendation:
    • Professional
    • Personal
  • Background check consent form

* Failure to meet one of these standards may not immediately disqualify a candidate depending upon the strength of the other components. For example, an applicant with a 3.5 GPA but only two years of experience may still be considered by the graduate admission committee. Other requirements are detailed on the application. Applicants are considered on a case-by-case basis, and the decision of the committee is final.
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Doctoral Core Courses (15 credits)

EDUC 6013 Principles of Leadership and Ethics (3 credits)
EDUC 6023 Learning, Mentoring and Cognition (3 credits)
EDUC 6033 Historical and Social Foundations of Organizations (3 credits)
EDUC 6063 Program Evaluation (3 credits)
EDUC 6073 Public Policy (3 credits)

Research Core Courses (9 credits)

EDUC 7003 Foundations of Research (3 credits)
EDUC 7013 Qualitative Research (3 credits)
EDUC 7023 Quantitative Research (3 credits)

Dissertation (12 credits)

EDUC 9000 Comprehensive Exam (0 credits)
EDUC 9012-9062 Dissertation (12 credits)


Choose one concentration. Course titles and descriptions are subject to change.

Curriculum and Instruction Concentration (18 credits)

EDUC 8003 Curriculum Theory, Concepts, and Design (3 credits)
EDUC 8013 Instructional Design and Development for Technology-Mediated Delivery (3 credits)
EDUC 8023 Research and Evaluation of Curriculum (3 credits)
EDUC 8033 Practicum in Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)
EDUC XXX3 Elective (3 credits)
EDUC XXX3 Elective (3 credits)

Organizational Leadership Concentration (18 credits)

OLED 8003 Organizational Systems & Management (3 credits)
OLED 8813 Organizational Change & Strategies (3 credits)
OLED 8023 Critical Issues in Organizational Leadership (3 credits)
OLED 8033 Practicum in Organizational Leadership (3 credits)
EDUC XXX3 Elective (3 credits)
EDUC XXX3 Elective (3 credits)

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