Master of Divinity

Southeastern University’s online Master of Divinity degree is designed to prepare you for ministry in professional settings, including pastoral work, missionary work and chaplaincy in various fields. You will also be able to pursue a doctoral education with this degree. The online curriculum equips you with a strong foundation in theological disciplines from a Christian perspective and guides you in learning how to interact critically with various theological constructs. As a result, you will be ready to impact the lives of others and improve your ministry.

Program Outcomes

Students who complete the Master of Divinity program will experience the following:

  • Strengthen their foundation in the Bible, theology, church ministry and church organization
  • Apply the biblical, theological and practical knowledge needed to reach others through ministry and the Christian worldview
  • Develop advanced skills through critical thinking, research and writing that are relevant to ministry in the church or parachurch organizations that emphasize professional ministry, as well as doctoral studies in the area of religion

Total Credits: 72 hours
Program Length: 24 to 36 months
Program Delivery: Online
Tuition: $495 per credit hour

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field within liberal arts
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or higher in the undergraduate program (If less than 2.5, the GPA for the last 60 hours will be calculated. If still less than 3.0, the applicant may be considered for provisional acceptance.)
  • One academic or professional recommendation
  • One Christian character recommendation
  • A writing sample of at least five pages indicative of writing and research ability to interact with scholarly sources in a critical manner


Biblical Studies Required Courses (9 Credit Hours)
Biblical Studies Electives (12 Credit Hours)
Theological Studies Required Courses (12 Credit Hours)
Church History Required Courses (6 Credit Hours)
Philosophy and Ethics Required Courses (6 Credit Hours)
Practical Theology / Ministry Required Courses (15 Credit Hours)
Practical Theology / Ministry Electives (3 Credit Hours)
Pastoral Counseling Required Courses (6 Credit Hours)
Applied Focus Option (3 Credit Hours)

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