Making decisions that push you toward new and different careers can be daunting. Deciding whether to pursue further education, like a doctoral degree, requires people to consider their future, their time and their financial investment.

Those who are looking for career advancement and have already proved their leadership abilities are perfect candidates for a Doctor of Education program. It aims to prepare students for academic, administrative, professional and research positions in fields like primary, secondary and postsecondary education as well as religious and business organizations. Many graduates of this program continue in their careers as education administrators.

Competitive Edge

Graduates of the Doctor of Education degree program are equipped with key abilities relating to educational leadership and decision-making. An aim of this program is to give graduates a competitive edge in order to excel as a facilitator and servant-leader. A doctoral degree conveys to potential employers and other administrators that you have kept your skills and knowledge relevant to trends and innovations in the education field.

Higher Salary Potential

A Doctor of Education degree offers the opportunity to pursue careers like superintendent, principal, college instructor/professor, curriculum specialist, nonprofit leader, Christian education director and business trainer. These positions, though they require more skills and education, often have higher salary potential and more benefits. A graduate of this program who has acquired the appropriate professional experience, for example, could be eligible for a position as a postsecondary education administrator. The average salary is $88,580 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Become an Expert

A doctoral degree is the terminal degree in many fields. Earning a doctorate conveys to current and potential employers that you are an expert in the field of education and have taken the time and made the effort to continue your own education. Doctoral programs require students to focus on one specific area of study, which makes them experts in that subject. This can be very helpful for those who are pursuing teaching positions at universities or colleges or for those who wish to become principals or superintendents.

Job Security

Job security refers to the assurance that employees will have gainful employment throughout their professional life. Graduates of a doctoral degree program are more likely to have job security because they are more likely to have access to managerial and administrative positions that automatically offer this kind of benefit. With higher-paying positions come more benefits and better terms in a contract of employment. This can include collective bargaining, prevention of arbitrary termination, layoffs and lockouts.