The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become increasingly important for professionals who wish to reach leadership positions.

MBA graduates often secure upper-level positions within marketing, human resources and more, as well as successfully lead nonprofit organizations, criminal justice institutions and other businesses. In addition to increased career mobility, MBA salaries also are significantly higher.

According to PayScale, employees with an MBA and five to nine years of experience earn nearly $15,000 more than employees with a BS in Business Administration and the same level of experience.

Below are a few of the high-paying careers you could pursue with an MBA. Salary information was obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale.

  1. Social and Community Service Managers

    As leaders of staff who work with the public, social and community service managers oversee programs and community organizations that may work with children, veterans, the homeless or organizations focused on a certain need, such as hunger or mental health.

    These managers recruit, hire and train staff members to meet goals. By collecting statistics and other information relevant to their programs, social and community service managers demonstrate their effectiveness as leaders.

    Salary: $59,970

  2. Police Chiefs

    Police chiefs serve a managerial role in law enforcement — recruiting, training and overseeing police officers. They also manage the budget and maintain departmental standards.
    Overall, police chiefs are responsible for public safety and make the final call in the community on issues related to law enforcement. They might meet with department heads, city council members and mayors to discuss issues within the community.
    Salary: $71,219

  3. Administrative Services Managers

    Also known as business office managers in smaller organizations, administrative services managers take care of the supportive services of a company, including mail, facilities and maintaining records.
    Their broad range of responsibilities can include security, building maintenance and even space allocation for enhancing employee morale and productivity. Administration services managers can also work as records and information managers, contract administrators and facility managers.
    Salary: $81,080

  4. Human Resource Managers

    Often the liaison between a company’s management and its employees, human resource managers oversee aspects of recruiting and the strategic elements of a company’s administrative functions.
    The specific roles depend on the size of the company, but human resource managers will typically take care of staffing issues and concentrate on organizational policies to ensure a safe and productive work environment. They can also work within the context of budget and training programs.
    Salary: $99,720

  5. Chief Executive Officers

    Chief executive officers focus on the big-picture strategy of an organization.
    Their typical job roles can range from overseeing company operations to coming up with policies and ensuring that specific goals are achieved. Chief executive officers typically report to the organization’s board of directors and manage other top-level executives.
    Salary: $101,650

  6. Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers

    Managers in these three fields — advertising, promotions and marketing — concentrate on promotional campaigns across media such as television, radio, print and the Internet.
    They plan these campaigns by executing market research, developing pricing strategies and meeting with clients. Often, they’ll collaborate with staff to work on ideas and the creative elements of the campaigns.

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