Marketing relates to researching and monitoring trends and needs for products and services. Marketing is perfect for individuals who are creative and driven. The typical tasks and responsibilities of marketers include

  • Researching and planning advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Surveying and editing layouts and campaigns
  • Researching and deciding on the best media for marketing a service or product (print, radio, television, online, etc.)
  • Meeting with clients and administrative teams to discuss, plan and present marketing campaign ideas
  • Researching and suggesting pricing plans for services and products that will be marketed
  • Keeping within a budget

Entry-level marketing jobs include media buyers, marketing specialists and public relations assistants. These positions generally require a bachelor’s degree, such as a online digital design degree, and some professional experience. Those who have already earned an undergraduate degree and have a few years of professional experience should consider pursuing a online MBA in order to continue working while acquiring new skills and knowledge for career advancement.

A media buyer purchases advertising time and space for products and services. Marketing specialists sometimes provide copy and design suggestions as well as marketing strategy. Public relations assistants focus on a company or client’s specific goals in marketing to the public through press releases, research, press coordination and events.

After gaining experience and an advanced education in marketing, an individual can advance to managerial and administrative positions in the marketing industry, such as public relations managers, marketing managers, promotions managers and market research analysts.

Promotions managers play an essential role on the teams that implement and design programs and strategies that mix advertising with purchasing incentives. Their end goal is to increase the sales of a product or service. They use marketing techniques and services like direct mail, internet advertisements, product endorsements, contests and coupons.

Market research analysts study the conditions of the market in order to increase the potential marketing, advertising and sales value of a product or service. They focus on what people want, who is likely to buy and what they will spend.

Those who are studying marketing can focus on diversifying their skills and knowledge in order to convey an expansive skillset. This means having a basic understanding of demographic research, psychology, journalism, mass communication theory, design and basic visual and written expression.

Many marketing firms and employers are focusing on digital media. This includes online advertising, video ads, search engine optimization and more. Specifically, the market is concentrating on ads that are appropriate for smartphones and tablets since more consumers are using the devices.

The occupational outlook for marketing is positive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand is expected to increase for upper-level and advanced positions like marketing managers, market research analysts and public relations managers.