A degree in business can lead to a challenging and lucrative career. These are the highest-paying jobs in business, according to national median salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Marketing Manager

Median Salary: $128,750

Being a marketing manager requires both business savvy and strong communication skills. A marketing manager must plan all of the marketing and promotional efforts of an organization and see that they’re executed effectively. Advertising is often included as part of this job, so it’s important to be familiar with writing, visual design, technology and effective advertising venues. Marketing manager jobs often require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, economics, finance, business management and related fields.

Financial Manager

Median Salary: $117,990

A financial manager, such as a chief financial officer, is responsible for the financial health of an organization. Many financial managers start as accountants, financial analysts, loan officers or other similar professions. A strong grasp of mathematics and finance is a requirement, and familiarity with global economics and financial software and technology is important. A bachelor’s degree is usually a requirement to become a financial manager, and many financial managers also obtain master’s degrees.

Sales Manager

Median Salary: $113,860

Sales managers lead teams of salespeople for organizations, and often participate in actual sales themselves. Sales positions frequently incorporate some element of a commission pay structure, meaning that pay tends to be tied to performance. Sales managers must have excellent communication and customer service skills. They must be effective teachers and leaders. An ability to interpret data and statistics is necessary. Bachelor’s degrees in marketing, economics, finance or management are common, as are Master of Business Administration degrees.

Human Resources Manager

Median Salary: $104,440

Human resources managers are responsible for coordinating administrative functions within an organization, including: recruiting, interviewing and hiring of staff; mediating disputes; and dealing with personnel issues. A human resources manager must be organized and have excellent interpersonal skills. Many HR manager jobs require a bachelor’s degree, though some may prefer a master’s degree.

Top Executive

Median Salary: $102,690

A top executive (or c-level executive) is responsible for the business strategy, policy creation and goal-setting for an organization, and ensuring that the business meets those goals. Top executives often work their way up through the organization into a position of leadership, and they have an intimate and extensive knowledge of the organization. A top executive must excel at decision-making, problem-solving, leadership, time management and communication. A bachelor’s degree is usually required, but MBAs are common.

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