Students who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and learn to become decisive, transparent, tenacious, motivational and great role models may do well to earn a degree in organizational leadership. All companies, large and small, need strong leaders. An organizational leadership degree is an excellent place to start down this path. While the aforementioned skills are, to an extent, driven by personality, they are necessary traits to hone to become a successful business leader.


Leaders inspire confidence in their employees by quickly making decisions, many of which are tough. It’s widely understood that if a business isn’t moving, growing or otherwise evolving, it’s dying. Business leaders must act quickly and move on decisions that advance the greater good of the company or organization.


Issues or problems that present themselves must be brought to light quickly, and the person in charge is the one for the job. Modern leaders know the importance of communicating issues and working with their employees to implement solutions. The silver lining of being the leader who divulges information about issues within a company is that he or she is the one in control of the message and its tone. This can make or break a company as employees work toward solutions.


By the same token, tenacity and perseverance must be evident in a leader. When issues arise, employees look to upper-level management to gauge how they should react. The focus of a solid business leader is always on quickly and efficiently finding the best solution for everyone.


Good leaders motivate and praise their employees. They encourage their employees both professionally and personally, and they strive to be a person their employees want to work for. They strive at all times to be excellent role models.

Salary Potential

Earning a degree in organizational leadership lays the foundation for high-paying careers. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a business leader in the United States is $143,517. That said, the scope of what constitutes a business leader is broad. Professionals may earn high salaries after working their way up the management ladder to upper-level management positions.

Education Required

While a business degree is a great option for those wishing to become executive- or upper-level management leaders, it is certainly not the only choice. A Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, in many cases, helps students develop the skills necessary to lead with confidence.