Want to break into the education field or open new doors in your education career? Earning a master’s or doctorate degree can bring you closer to your goals.

Here are six possible careers you can pursue with an education degree. All salary information is based on reported nationwide figures from PayScale, as of August 2014.

  1. Principal

    Elementary, middle and high school principals manage school operations, including school activities, teachers and other staff. Interaction with parents, students, community members and policymakers is common, as well.
    A master’s degree is required to work as a principal and possibly as an assistant principal. Classroom experience as a teacher is also a typical job requirement.
    Median Pay: $76,687, $82,819 and $83,368 for elementary, middle and high school principals, respectively
    Degree: MEd in Educational Leadership

  2. ESL/TESOL Teacher

    An English as a Second Language (ESL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) teacher helps students from different backgrounds learn English. This position can range significantly in different aspects, such as the age of the students, whether the jobs are in the United States or abroad, and the necessary qualifications and typical pay that goes along with the title.
    With a master’s degree in TESOL—which is interchangeable with an ESL degree—you can advance your pay rate and career possibilities. It’s possible to teach at public and private schools, institutions focused on English language learners and for advanced positions internationally.
    Median Pay: $40,278 for all ESL teachers
    Degree: MEd in TESOL

  3. Reading Coach or Specialist

    A reading coach or reading specialist can work within the school system to support students’ skills in literacy. There are also opportunities to work at private institutions.
    Getting a master’s degree in reading education can provide you with the opportunity to claim one of these popular positions, as well as help you become a more successful classroom teacher.
    Median Pay: $50,285 for reading specialists
    Degree: MEd in Reading Education

  4. Special Education Teacher

    Special education teachers help meet the needs of exceptional students who have a mental, learning, emotional or physical disability. They can work at the preschool to high school level.
    A master’s degree in this field often leads to higher pay, as well as opportunities for career advancement in administrative positions.
    Median Pay: $41,583, $43,267 and $45,545 for elementary, middle and secondary school special education teachers, respectively
    Degree: MEd in Exceptional Student Education

  5. Art Teacher

    Art teachers blend the arts into students’ curriculum to expand their knowledge and appreciation of all subjects. They can work with students of all ages.
    With a master’s degree, you can gain the skills necessary to become a model educator and learn to integrate arts principles in the classroom. A graduate degree can also lead to opportunities for specialist positions in a public or private school setting or other institution.
    Median Pay: $39,970 for all art teachers
    Degree: MEd in Arts and Academic Interdisciplinary Education

  6. School Superintendent

    A school superintendent is the chief executive officer of a school district and oversees hiring senior staff, maintaining education standards, the planning budgets and fulfilling other management roles. The superintendent acts as a liaison to the board and builds relationships with the business community, parents, politicians, other districts and the media.
    A doctoral degree is often preferred for this position. The Doctor of Education degree can also lead to other advanced leadership roles in education, such as education director, curriculum specialist and college instructor.
    Median Pay: $108,560
    Degree: Doctor of Education

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