An online criminal justice degree from Southeastern University can help you start or advance your career in law enforcement, corrections, security or another criminal justice field. Additionally, you could pursue a graduate degree with this credential. Our online programs are flexible, convenient and affordable.

Here are five ways you’ll advance in the real world as a criminal justice professional.

Gain perspective into the nature of crime

Why are crimes committed? And how should they be controlled and prevented?

These questions form the foundation of criminology, the study of the nature of crime and criminals. For any criminal justice professional, knowledge in criminology is essential. This knowledge offers the following benefits:

  • Assists law enforcement in tracking crime
  • Helps corrections specialists treat criminals successfully
  • Enables security professionals to understand which locations are most susceptible
  • Aids researchers in developing plans to alleviate crime in specific areas

In addition to a framework in criminology, studies in sociology and other specific topics, such as juvenile delinquency, will expand your knowledge and understanding and help advance your career potential.

Develop an understanding of the criminal justice system

Grasping the criminal justice system involves more than theoretical knowledge that affects researchers and criminologists, who may also look into improvements based on how other areas and nations have altered their systems.

Although the theoretical framework is necessary, practical training for real-world situations is also needed in order to truly understand the criminal justice system and how it impacts you on a daily basis. For example, the police, courts and corrections — how do these connect together and operate in the typical workweek?

The answer to this question can be found through the online criminal justice program at Southeastern. Not only will you better understand how these areas work together in a practical way but you’ll also be able to put it into perspective and realize how they impact your career as a criminal justice professional.

Learn to apply research in your field

Unlike other programs available in the field, the criminal justice program at SEU does not limit your opportunities. While others focus on preparing you for your career or for entry into graduate school, SEU’s focus is on both.

At SEU, you don’t have to choose between a practitioner-based education and an education that’s based in research. The program is designed to prepare you with research skills for either goal so you have more opportunities to pursue either path.

You’ll gain a working knowledge of research in criminal justice — and you’ll be prepared for any career context.

Enhance your moral compass

The real world is full of people who need help and direction. You will come across those who need counseling and guidance, and you will encounter situations that test your moral resilience.

Through a values-based liberal arts curriculum, SEU’s program will prepare you for the situations and people you’ll come across as a criminal justice professional. You’ll be ready to respond in lifesaving and life-altering circumstances.

Receive guidance from scholars and practitioners

At SEU, you’ll have access to instructors who have years of experience in criminal justice. You can ask them questions to guide your studies and interests, your career and your faith as a criminal justice professional.

The criminal justice faculty are well-qualified to help you realize your potential. With advanced degrees in criminal justice and related fields, as well as years of job experience across a vast spectrum of applicable careers, SEU instructors are an incredible resource to help you take your career to the next level.

To learn more about our online criminal justice degree, visit our program page.